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Scripts and Projects currently available or under development



Blood Oasis - novel, stage play and screenplay

                        The new reworking of Kendrew's 1980s play Water Hole, set in modern day Darfur  


A Child's Guide to Heresy - from the novel of the same name - screenplay and 6 part mini-series  

                        A 12th century story of Church politics, intrigue, betrayal, redemption and demons.


Mtagati - A Zulu Musical - libretto

                       A large scale musical adaptation of Heresy transposed to the Zulu culture and nation 


How to Murder your School Bully (and get away with it) - screenplay

                       A group of children take down a drug cartel and bury the school bully


Carbonado - screenplay

                       A black diamond mine in Australia, murder, corruption and a scheme to resolve it all


Cradles of Eden - novel and screenplay

                       Uranium in the Congo: forces pitted against a tribe and their way of life


Could be Marilyn - stage play and screenplay

                       An ageing painter learns about his model's life in the seamy back streets of Washington 


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