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Could be Marilyn



A two hander, single set, stage play originally set in Washington, D.C.. Two alternate versions are available, set in London, U.K.,, with significantly different relationships based on available casting of the Adair role. 


A strong and charismatic artist, Adair, is painting a young woman in his studio - learning about her life, his, and the forces that led them both to where they are now. A character piece with a startling and surprising conclusion.


An astounding role for a new and talented young actress - Matty was an abused child, controlled by a pimp who has been selling her since she was twelve. A bright girl with extraordinary depth who struggles to keep her mother alive and escape the life she has been dealt. She finds her salvation in an ageing painter who has been alone for so long he has forgotten how to be part of someone else's life. Together they transcend their difficulties and work towards an unusual alliance that includes gunfire, a reason to live and a new beginning.


                                        A screenplay is available with additional cast and off-stage action scenes.




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