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How to murder the School Bully (and get away with it)


When four schoolboys unintentionally come into the possession of a burial casket padded with two hundred pounds of cocaine the stage is set for fun, mayhem, intrigue and chaos.


Add to this a million dollar reward, organized crime, disorganized  crime and corrupt officials and the chance to rid a school of the biggest bully in the land and you have: “How to Murder your School Bully and get away with it”.


The casket belongs to the bad guys who want it back. To get the reward the kids persuade the school bully into the coffin and stage a  funeral to draw out the drug dealers and their corrupt allies. The local Sheriff, the Mayer, a Judge and assorted low-lifes are all part of the trap – but who is who and on which side?


A fast-paced, tense and humorous romp through the deserts of New Mexico with the life and death struggles of trying to get a good grade on your media project.

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