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Heresy - continued . . .


What comes next is a fast conclusion exposing heresy, disloyalty, true love, past bad deeds and redemption. There are a number of elements and moments that have huge creative potential to make this story memorable for decades to come:


The Sorcerer’s cave

A cave of wonders, with chasms to the spirit world, imps, crystal grottos and paraphernalia of all manner of kabalistic rites.


The Wolves of Wolfrest

Twelve magical wolves - The Zodiac Wolves - that protect the innocent and do the bidding of the Sorcerer and his apprentice, Tom.


Tom’s recognition of the Bishop while raising the Angel Uriel

A young lad of 9 years being used by the disguised Bishop to enter the world of spirits with lightning, magic and treachery.


Satan and the storm

The devil conjuring a storm from within the grotto to smash and drown the ship carrying evidence of ill deeds to the Vatican.


Madelaine’s vigil and the butterfly rescue

Madelaine the Pure’s prayers to save the innocent and the magical help from nature to breach the castle defences.


Agnes raising Bartholemew from the dead

The less than pure Agnes who can raise men’s fire but has trouble with a dead Monk.


A Child's guide to Heresy is a gothic tale of a world of spirits and magic in a time of absolute dominance by the Church. Within this apparently dark tale is a humour and optimism that defies the period

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