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Gordon Evans 

With a performing arts, academic and business background Gordon brings a range of disparate skills to Morny Stannit and Dry Eye in the House. He has worked across all performing arts from Opera, Ballet to Puppetry and Street Theatre - all manner of venues from the grand Sydney Opera House to humbler building sites in Australia and Internationally.  After graduating from NIDA's technical programme he became the inaugural Drama Fellow at Sydney University, attended the BANFF Arts Administration Programme in Canada and taught Design and Technical Theatre at Rusden State College’s Drama and Dance Department (now part of Deakin University).


As Technical Director and Senior Lecturer within the Rusden B.Ed school he developed courses, programmes and systems to support, at the time, the busiest theatre school in Australia with over 400 performances annually across 8 varied venues and some 30 plus individual productions, including tours and festivals.


He has worked as a producer, lighting designer, sound designer, technical consultant, stagemanager, production manager and has considerable experience in script and project development. 


Gordon’s diverse and surprising experience includes an accidental period in the corporate world as a manager, computer programmer and CEO of a group of engineering companies which included occupational health and safety, training, business recovery and crisis management.


One of his first theatrical experiences was attending the final performance of Kendrew’s triumphant seven year Wait a Minim Tour - many years later they connected again and have been working together since 2009 reworking Kendrew’s back catalogue and developing new works.

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